Fiona-Guthrie-FCA-2017-2-(1).JPGFiona Guthrie AM, Chief Executive Officer

Fiona started her career in consumer advocacy as a voluntary financial counsellor at Caxton Legal Centre, and in 1990, she helped set up the Financial Counsellors Association of Queensland. Fiona holds a B.A, LL.B and an MBA.

She’s now been involved with the consumer movement for 30 years, including a number of years on the executive of the Consumers’ Federation of Australia. She’s a former board member of Energex Retail, the Insurance Ombudsman Service and the Financial Ombudsman Service, and a former Chair of ASIC’s Consumer Advisory Committee.

She joined FCA as CEO in mid-2009, and is currently a member of the Financial Literacy Board and on the board of Choice. She also represents FCA on the ACCC’s Consumer Consultative Panel.

Fiona's work is driven by her passion for fairness and belief that everyone deserves a fair go. Her vision is to increase FCA's reach through awareness and service delivery, and to secure a sustainable source of funding for financial counselling so that it can continue its positive impact on consumer rights.



Lauren Levin, Director of Policy and Campaigns

Lauren became involved in the financial counselling sector after admission to the Supreme Court as a ‘later lawyer’ and volunteering at the Consumer Action Law Centre for six months. Lauren's varied skills are put to use in her broad role at FCA in policy and campaigns. Lauren holds a B.Econ, LL.B, Grad Dip Legal Practice and an M.B.A.

Lauren’s earlier professional roles were in the brewing and malting industries, working for public companies, including Foster’s Brewing Group and a large malt exporter. Job roles covered taxation, marketing strategy and communications.

Lauren also set up and ran an own agency for performing artists for a number of years (this explains why the FCA conference now includes a performance element in between the serious sessions). Lauren's career to date shows that deviations (while your children are young) never go to waste!

Rita-FCA2.JPGRita Battaglin, Project Manager

Rita has worked in the community sector for more than 15 years, including five years managing financial counselling, employment and child support programs. She has also been a member of the Consumer Utility Advocacy Centre Reference Group and United Energy’s Customer Consultative Committee.

It was through her professional experience that Rita became familiar with FCA's work, and joined the team as Business Services Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT) Payment Scheme Project Manager in 2015. Rita is responsible for maintaining the FCA toolkit for financial counsellors; maintaining the National Debt Helpline website; monitoring and reporting on telephone financial counselling services and coordinating the Day in the Life project, that arranges for federal politicians to visit a financial counselling service to gain a better understanding of the work of financial counsellors and the issues faced by their clients.

Rita finds the work meaningful and rewarding because financial counselling makes a positive difference to people’s lives and is proud to be a part of a great team that does such worthwhile work.

Lynda Edwards, Coordinator Financial
Capability Lynda-FCA2.JPG


After spending over a decade in the finance sector, Lynda transitioned to the consumer advocacy movement and has since contributed widely to the field. In her role as Program Manager at CentaCare Wilcannia-Forbes, she has been involved with a vast number of projects that advocate specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people, including the Do Not Knock campaign, superannuation services and funeral insurance products.

Lynda is an accredited financial counsellor and has been involved with consultation groups for Indigenous and financial literacy, Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council (CCAAC), Indigenous Financial Services Network (IFSN), Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and the Money Talks forum, which is now in its 10th year. She started working with FCA on a voluntary basis, heading Money Talks forum before being seconded to FCA in early 2016 and then joining on a full-time basis in 2017.

Lynda’s work is her passion and FCA provides the chance for her to advocate within her sphere of influence, using her knowledge and expertise in a space that's dedicated to helping ATSI communities.

Dominique-Meyrick-FCA-6.JPGDomenique Meyrick, Coordinator Workforce Development

Joining FCA at the start of 2017, Domenique is an invaluable addition to the team. Having studied creative arts, cinema and theology, Domenique’s insights provide an enlightened and creative perspective on the industry. Domenique holds a B.C.A, GDipArts, GDipTheol and PhD. She's been involved in frontline volunteering in a range of areas, and is currently undertaking a Master of Teaching, all while juggling her four young children.

Since starting with FCA, she has been involved with organising the financial counselling conference - the highlight of the profession's calendar. The most rewarding aspect for Domenique is working in such an amazing environment. She finds the small, but dedicated, team at FCA share a great sense of collegiality and purpose while achieving meaningful work.


Jill-Keating-FCA-3.JPGJillian Keating, Accounts and Payroll

Jill has extensive experience in the accounting and finance sector, having worked as a chartered accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers and contracted for the Australian Tax Office, Australian Grand Prix and many others. She also worked at the Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman, now known as the Financial Ombudsman Service, for 17 years.

Since starting with FCA at the beginning of 2017, she's been responsible for all of the organisation's accounting and finance, including payroll, reporting and bookkeeping. Jill enjoys being a part of the lovely team environment and rewarding work of the organisation.


Mia Shelton, Research and Sector Support

Mia is the most recent addition to the FCA team and will be providing general administrative assistance. She will provide sector support through assisting with the management and maintainance of the financial counsellor's toolkit. Mia will also be involved in organising the FCA conference, a highlight on the profession's yearly calendar. Mia holds a BInSt (Hons) and MICD.