Campaigns and Projects

FCA is guided by our strategic plan, which contains a combination of the projects we are funded for and functions our members and the industry feel are really important for us. 

Our current projects include: 
  • Coordinating the National Debt Helpline services and running the National Debt Helpline Website
  • Assisting to redesign the Financial Counselling Diploma
  • Helping coordinate training for the sector nation-wide
  • Campaigning for legislative reform in the gambling sector to better protect vulnerable Australians
  • Administering the Toolkit, a password-protected website with tools and resources to help financial counsellors and financial capability workers do their jobs
  • Running our annual nation-wide financial counselling conference
  • Coordinating the financial counsellors' involvement in the BSWAT payment scheme
  • Writing submissions and providing comment on public consultations in areas that affect financial counsellors and their clients
  • Coordinating and providing training and support to financial capability workers
  • Developing online learning modules for both financial counsellors and financial capability workers
  • 'A day in the life' - an immersive experience, where MPs, bureaucrats and other key decision makers spend anywhere from a day to a couple of hours shadowing a financial counsellor in their area.