November 2016 Results of a Survey of Financial Counsellors about EDR

One page infographic
October 2016 Assisting clients affected by family violence:
the results of a survey of financial counsellors and Financial capability workers

One-page summary of the report
October 2016 Financial Counselling: It Makes a Difference - A collection of case studies
July 2016 Everyone Needs a Savings Buffer: Why Income and Expenditure Statements Need a Default Savings Category 
September 2015 Perspectives of Financial Counsellors and Consumer Solicitors on Personal Insolvency (contributor only)
August 2015 Duds, Mugs & the A-List: the Impact of Uncontrolled Sports Betting
April 2015 Rank the Banks 2015
June 2014 Too Poor to go Bankrupt
March 2014 Click Here: Who is Referring to Financial Counselling Services?
October 2013 Summary of Comparative Hardship Workshop

Handout at the Comparative Hardship Workshop
May 2013 National Rank the Banks Survey
February 2013 Centrepay: A Good Idea that has Lost its Way
Ocotober 2011 What Financial Counsellors Say About Payday Lending
July 2011 Results of the 2010 Financial Counselling Survey
March 2011 The Bulk Debt Negotiation Project
January 2011 A Fair Go in Insurance
December 2010 ATM Fees in Remote Indigenous Communities
2009 Comparing Australian and International Systems to Address Consumer Financial Stress - Full Report
Executive Summary
November 2007 Homes at Risk
Research conducted by Eastern Access Community Health (EACH) finds that creditors and their agents are using bankruptcy to collect small debts putting home ownership at risk